Mariana Lamas Bezerra

Mariana Lamas Bezerra


Bullet the Blue Sky –Relations between Museum and Conflict

This study explores the dynamics of the relation between museums and conflict to identify the social responsibilities of museums when dealing with conflict and if museums can become agents of social change. To establish this relation first it is discussed the concepts related to conflict, the use of culture in the conflict field, and the various functions of cultural heritage in conflict settings. In order to construct an overview of this relation, some museums are analyzed.

The selection of these museums uses the following criteria: proximity with the subject matter, geographical location and contemporaneity. Based on the analysis, it is possible to identify difficulties and restrictions common to these museums, as well as, guidelines to optimize their work.

Using the analysis results, concrete examples and the unique characteristics of museums it is possible to argue that museums have the potential to be tools for reconciliation, understanding and peacebuilding.

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