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Research programme Bringing in History


Research program

Museums have to decide how to deal with colonial robbery in their collections and schools have to discuss every year whether and how they want to celebrate traditional events in the calendar. The research group examines what forms of knowledge and skills can help in making the right choices when dealing with pressing issues related to heritage. This research program is called Bringing in History.   

The research group works from the idea that it is important to understand the interplay of interests, emotions and knowledge claims that surround items of heritage. Insight into the dynamics of heritage formation makes people 'heritage wit’.  

Heritage professionals can make a difference in complex heritage interactions and in tackling explicit heritage issues. How? Through meaningful interventions. The research group designs and explores professional interventions in four areas: (1) urban renewal, (2) religion and museums, (3) food and nature and (4) celebration and commemoration.  

The research takes place in various (inter)national subprojects.


Research programme Bringing in History