The Heritage Lab is coordinated by Marit van Dijk and Jule Forth. They are supported by an advisory council consisting of Hester Dibbits (lectorate), Ruben Smit (international projects), Joke Bosch & Simone Stoltz (study management Bachelor) en Youssef Zahri (head educational support and business operations). 

Marit van Dijk

Since 2020, Marit van Dijk works as a coordinator for the Heritage Lab and is also an alumnus of Reinwardt Academy. After graduation, she completed a master's in social geography in Ireland on the influence of public space on collective memory. In her free time she supports the vegan movement.

Jule Forth

Since 2017, Jule Forth has been working on projects around emotion networking. Recently, she became the coordinator of the Heritage Lab. For her master's in cultural anthropology, she researched the influence of migration on gender relations in India. For the project "City Photographer Leiden", she undertook anthropological research into Leiden's nightlife.