Quality management

Both the Bachelor- and Master degree programme were officially accredited by NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation) and listed in the Central Register for Degree Courses in Higher Education (CROHO) in the Netherlands. Which means students will obtain a legal accredited degree. Graduates will be granted the title Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts; based on the quality system of accreditation. Visit nvao.net for more information.

Curriculum committee
The Curriculum committee is primarily concerned with programme content and monitors societal trends and developments within the field and curriculum. On this basis the committee formulates proposals regarding adjustments to the curriculum, naturally taking the results of the student evaluations into account. Michiel Galama, Lecturer Exhibition Development, is Chair of this committee.

Examination committee
The independent Examination Committee plays an important role in organizing and coordinating examinations and tests. The tasks of the committee are, to a large extent, defined by law. The examination applies the laws and regulations to educational practice at the Reinwardt Academy in the programme and examination regulations (OER), which are published in the course book and contains all relevant regulations to follow a course or study properly. Rosemarijn B├╝gel, Lecturer Cultural History, is Chair of this committee.