Confidential advisers

Everyone at the Reinwardt Academy must be able to study in a pleasant environment. Security, respect and mutual trust are vital in creating the right conditions for this. Undesirable conduct and transgressive behaviour are therefore unacceptable. If you encounter (sexual) intimidation, discrimination, aggression or bullying, you can get in touch with one of the confidential advisers.

Independent and impartial
The confidential advisers are independent and impartial. They will care for you and listen to you and they will not pass on any information. They can help you identify and choose from possible solutions and they will guide and support you in putting an end to the undesirable behaviour. The confidential advisers will never take any action without discussing it with you first and asking for your consent.

Free choice
You are free to choose a confidential adviser. If you prefer talking to someone outside of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, you can contact the confidential adviser of the health and safety service HumanCapitalCare.

The names and contact details of the confidential advisers can be found here.