About the Reinwardt Academy

The Reinwardt Academy, faculty of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, is the sole college offering a Bachelor programme in Cultural Heritage. The International Master of Museology is intended for those who aspire a policy function in the international work field of cultural heritage and museums.

Heritage generates memories, it tells us who we were, determines who we are and entices us to think about our future. The Reinwardt Academy strives to contribute to this philosophy by positioning itself as the knowledge-, research-, and training centre in cultural heritage. Where future- and established heritage professionals, from all over the world, can exchange knowledge and experience, share inspiring vision and develop innovative professional products. This is why the academy organises the annual Reinwardt Memorial Lecture, international workshops and 7 heritage debats on an annual base.

Heritage is not an isolated phenomenon, but a quality ascribed to (intangible) matters under specific circumstances. The circumstances are often urgent: something disappears, is affected or is under societal or political pressure. Theories concerning these processes and themes, as well as research on all potential implications thereof, are central to the Cultural Heritage Research Group programme.

Sustainable monumental building
The Reinwardt Academy is located in the heart of Amsterdam; housed in a monumental double school from the nineteenth century. Sustainability, preservation of historical value and a pleasant, flexible learn- and work environment for approximately 650 students plus 50 lecturers and supporting staff were pivotal in the renovation process. This has resulted in a very bright and inspiring academy building containing educational-, consulting-, and silent workstation areas plus a spacious auditorium and an area for debates and symposia.

Student administration, student counsellor and confidential adviser

Student administration - The central student administration is the front office for students. Employees of the central student administration answer any questions related to the proper conduct of the study or will refer you to the right lecturer or employee. They provide forms and other relevant official documents. To contact the central student administration directly, please email rwa-studentenloket@ahk.nl or call +31 (0)20 527 7142.

Student counsellor - Students can direct their questions to the student counsellors, e.g. for discussing financial or study problems which were brought about by illness or personal circumstances, or to have resource to the Graduation Fund.  All personal information will be treated in strict confidence.

First year students counsellor: Bob Crezee
Remaining years: Joppe Knoester

Confidential adviser - Students have access to confidential advisers within the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The confidential adviser is the first point of contact when identifying (sexual) intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying and/or discrimination. The confidential adviser has the task to assist in finding a possible solution for people whom are subjected to this.

You can freely choose a confidential adviser. If you would rather speak with someone who is not affiliated with the Amsterdam University of the Arts, you can contact the confidential adviser employed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, HumanCapitalCare.

Contact details of confidential advisers within and outside the Amsterdam University of the Arts can be found here.