Hester Dibbits
Programme Director

Menno Welling
Programme Coordinator

Lise van Zaalen
Programme Secretary

Core lecture team

Prof. Dr Hester Dibbits
Expertise: History, ethnology, ethnographic research, material culture, emotion networking, intangible cultural heritage, everyday culture

Paul Ariese
Expertise: Exhibition design and development, narrative spaces and storytelling, museum ethics, religious heritage

Dr Trilce Navarrete
Expertise: Digital heritage, cultural economics, arts, research methods

Dr Judy Jaffe-Schagen
Expertise: Historical research, multidirectional memory, national belonging, the political role of museums

Mirjam Shatanawi
Expertise: Collections, exhibitions, Islam, (de-)coloniality, museum theory, ethics, inclusivity

Menno Welling
Expertise: Archaeological heritage management, cultural entrepreneurship, anthropology, Malawi, world heritage, cultural landscapes, SDGs, culture and development

This core team will be supplemented with various lecturers from the Reinwardt lecture team and other professors and professionals who specialise in national and international museums and heritage.