Career Opportunities

With an integrated vision of cultural heritage, ethics and societal issues gained from this master’s programme, you will be ready to take up a leadership position in the museum and heritage field as a project manager, a section head or an (independent) advisor. This could be at a community organisation, a distinguished national institute or anything in between. The Reinwardt Academy is a well-known name in museum and heritage training and our vast global network will open the doors to many job opportunities.

Whether you are a practitioner in search of theoretical grounding or an academician in need of practical skills to create an impact as a professional, this master’s programme will provide you with opportunities to learn what you need for the next step in your career.

This is what the alumni of our former master of museology programme have to say about studying at the Reinwardt:

“As an international student, the Reinwardt Academy gave me good exposure to issues in cultural heritage that are relevant globally in the 21st century. The classes, an eclectic mix of theory and praxis, have played a crucial role in shaping my cogitations in museology.”
- Shruti Gautam, PhD student at MSU, India

‘‘I took on the master of museology because I had been employed as a professional in the Dutch heritage sector but felt the need to broaden and deepen my knowledge as my background was in history, which is not quite the same. During the programme, that became ever more apparent to me. … I now understand why, as well as the differences and similarities. I gained many new insights, studied fascinating literature and really delved into fields completely new to me, such as ethics in the museum and heritage sector, the history of museums, visitor research, preventative care and collection registration – and undoubtedly I have omitted a lot.”
- Jacquelien Vroemen, freelance heritage consultant

“I was interested in following a master’s degree in museology in order to enhance my knowledge about museology and to implement the knowledge gained for the further development of my workplace. While I was doing the master’s degree at Reinwardt Academy, I gained a sound knowledge and experiences through the interactions with the museum experts and through visits to international museums. I was able to contribute to the building of the new museum, following recent museological theories, in Jayewardenepura University, which is a milestone in my life.”
- Nilmini Neththasinghea, museum curator, History and Archaeology