Intervention Design

You will work in small groups on a client-requested intervention based on a stated problem concerning sustainability, inclusivity or digitality. You will collectively develop a design concept and try to obtain support for new approaches and ideas for museum and heritage interventions, taking into consideration the conceptual and practical challenges addressed in the previous modules, while learning the principles of project and change management.

The intervention may be an exhibition concept, advice on a collection, a public programme or a combination of these. In this way, you will get opportunities to study and research more in depth specific dimensions of museum and heritage work of personal interest, while working in small teams for a real client. Students who wish to focus on exhibitions and audiences will work with insights from visitor studies, storytelling and narrative design.

Other students can focus on innovative future-oriented strategies for participatory collecting and deaccessioning, or on education and public programming, inspired by current developments in ICH and community participation.

Parallel to these content-based seminars, the principles of project and change management will be taught, including various approaches, team management, monitoring and budgeting.