Menno Welling

Programme Manager

After finishing his degrees in Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology, at Leiden University, Menno conducted his PHD research in Malawi. His study focussed on the origins of the Mbona sacred landscape and the interpretation of Mbona narratives, using a combination of archaeological, anthropological and historical methods.

While conducting his research he was offered a job at the newly founded Catholic University of Malawi. Here he taught archaeology and cultural anthropology and worked as Director of Research and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

In addition to his work at the university, as founder and honorary director of Mlambe Foundation, Menno founded Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre . This heritage centre was dedicated to exhibiting the results of local excavations, the revitalization of ‘traditional’ cotton weaving and environmental conservation. Menno believes in the power of culture as a form of sustainable development. The intention behind the work of the heritage centre was conveying that Malawian residents can be proud of their history and to create a way in which people can relate to that pride and history in a positive manner for current endeavours. For cultural heritage work, Menno was presented a Malawi Our People Our Pride Award at a national gala.

Since 2010 he has been an active member of ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM). and Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL). At the same time he has been engaged as a consultant in various heritage projects in Malawi.

Since 2018 Menno is a member of the municipal council in Oegstgeest.