Research group Cultural Heritage, led by Peter van Mensch (2006-2011)

From 2006 to 2011, Professor Peter van Mensch undertook research on unifying heritage theory and the awareness of field orientation within heritage institutions. At the time, a strong integrated movement wanted to unite all the heritage sectors. This created the need for an overarching theoretical framework for the various sectors. This development from segregated sectors to an integrated heritage field had an impact on the curriculum. Moreover, in 2018, this shift resulted in the name of the bachelor’s programme changing from “Museology” to “Cultural Heritage”. This heralded the arrival of a new kind of professional expert: the heritage professional. Important in Peter van Mensch's research and teaching was “the object as a bearer of information”. Based on this idea and the associated theoretical framework, generations of students of the Reinwardt Academy were made aware of the importance of paying professional attention to the traces of use and layers of significance that become attached to objects over time.