Starterscafé | Raising your online profile

Tuesday 04 October 2022, 19:00 - 22:00 hrs.
AHK Culture Club
Kattenburgerstraat 5
1018 JA Amsterdam

Learn smart and effective ways to run your business at the AHK Start-Up Café. Get the basics sorted so you can focus on what you really want to be doing: being creative! 

First grab a drink and get to know the current and former students from a wide range of fields. After that, your inspiring trainer will teach you all the ins and outs of running a business. If you want to join us, go to 

What you’ll get from this session
What results do you get when you search for yourself online? Are you happy with what you find? Does it communicate what you want, or is there room for improvement? This evening you’ll discover how to use platforms like Google, Instagram and LinkedIn to tell your story. Get noticed online by your target group and potential clients. 

About Melanie Esther
This evening’s expert is Melanie Esther, a branding and social media coach for artists. She coaches artists to help them find and tell their own unique story, and develop a strong branding and social media strategy. She and the artist then take that story as the basis for actions such as release plans, online and off-line ticket promotions, and boosting follower numbers. She calls the method she developed Find and Tell. Melanie works with the likes of singer Blanks and rapper Typhoon, and previously shared her expertise at ESNS, Popronde, ADE Beats and No Man's Land. 
Interested in more? Check out our other workshops from THEME TAG A – Finding Work: ‘Finding work that suits you’, ‘Making an impression with your CV or portfolio’ and ‘Writing a cover letter that gets you noticed’. 

Evening program 
A warm welcome 
Meet fellow students and grow your network.  

Tips & tricks  
The teacher will tell you everything you need to know when starting up, opening the doors to a new world. We provide the pen and paper, so you can note down all the tips and tricks.  

Get to work 
Roll up your sleeves, because we’re going put what you’ve learned into practice right away. Sometimes the teacher will ask you to work with a specific case study, but usually you’ll be applying it to your own situation.  

Chill and chat 
The bar is open! You’re welcome to stay and connect with fellow students or put questions to your teacher.  

Who it’s for
The Starterscafé is aimed at current and former AHK students.


  • Free for current students and recent graduates (from 2019 onwards).  
  • € 12.50 for AHK alumni who graduated before 2019.  
  • € 15.00 for non-AHK participants.  

Order your ticket now

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