Jonathan Even-Zohar

Jonathan Even-Zohar (1982) is a trained historian (MA Leiden University) with a broad view on history and heritage education and the ways in which civil society and political actors (ab)use the past for promoting both democratic and non-democratic values. As former Executive Director of EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators he has been able to work with thousands of history educators across the continent and beyond to initiate, lead and deliver high quality collaboration projects, funded by the European Union, as well as through private foundations. As an independent consultant (Evenzo Consultancy), since 2018, he works with various heritage and remembrance communities and organisation in The Netherlands and on a European level to develop societal projects and programmes which combines education, social development and creativity. For example, he coordinates a public educational campaign called Football Makes History and works with the Anne Frank House on the usage of football heritage for positive, inclusive, youth work.