Please note that the Reinwardt Academy does not offer a master’s programme in 2019-2020. A new government-sponsored programme is currently being developed for 2020-2021.

The website has not yet been updated with information about the new programme but it does give you an idea of things to come. The programme information will be updated as soon as possible.


The master's programme in Museology consists of four key modules supplemented by an introduction week, a Winter School programme and a research and professional skills module. Completion of this coursework will take one academic year. Thereafter, all students have to fulfill a research internship, which will be concluded with an academic thesis, policy document, exhibition proposal or creative work.

During the introduction week, you can get acquainted with other students and the city of Amsterdam and lay the foundation for the rest of the programme. Fundamental concepts of heritage and museology are discussed and excursions are made to local museums and monuments. In addition, the international framework of heritage organizations is introduced.

Drama of Decision Making in the Heritage Field focuses on the ethical and strategic aspects of museum and heritage work which underpin the often difficult decisions we need to make as professionals. Through workshops, lectures and excursions you become aware of the complex ethical and strategic issues current museum and heritage professionals are confronted with in (re)presenting highly controversial objects. The module aims to help find innovative ways of coping with challenges related to the professional establishment and to broader social, political and cultural contexts.

Audiences, Expectations & Experiences addresses storytelling and the exhibition as a narrative space, in which the merging of design and content is key principle. Design strategies play an essential role in communicating complex layered information, engaging the senses and stimulating visitor involvement. As part of the module you explore constructivist learning theories and, on a more practical level, discuss principles and techniques of project management, visitor studies, storytelling and narrative design.

Collection Dynamics reflects on two important trends in collection development: the concept of dynamic collections and that of participatory strategies in museums. Each museum has to find a balance between the historicity of its collection and the requirements of its present-day social mission. Philosophical and ethical issues such as ownership and materiality are discussed, as well as policy and development questions. Practical aspects of collection management, such as information management, risk management and collection mobility, are also explored.

People, Places & Heritage Production explores the local production of heritage within its international framework in the face of global socio-political and environmental developments. It looks at heritage outside the walls of the museum and how objects and traditions can create tension among the various people who relate to it. The module contains an international excursion.

During the course different heritage organizations from around the world are discussed, ranging from well-established institutions to grassroots organizations, to learn more about their methodologies and the ways in which they connect to the world outside. You are introduced to a wide range of thematic and theoretical issues, including immaterial cultural heritage and the role of big data in curating.

Throughout the year you will be taught research and professional skills which will benefit you in your future career. Topics include project management, various research methods, project funding and writing skills among others. This module will lead to a research internship proposal, which you can implement the subsequent semester. In addition, you will get the chance to work on a funding proposal for a project of choice.

The Winter School programme varies annually. The activities in this week always concern a current and relevant theme, supplementing the general master's programme.


Introduction week 3
Drama of Decision Making in the Heritage Field 11
Audiences, Expectations & Experiences 11
Collection Dynamics 11
People, Places & Heritage Production 11
Research and professional skills 11
Winter School 2
Research internship 30
Total 90