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This year’s graduation prize of the bachelor Cultural Heritage and the master Museology exists of one-on-one coaching from a leading expert in the field. 

The job market for heritage professionals is a wide-ranging one, however the amount of job positions are scarce at the moment. That is why we want to give this year’s graduates an extra boost. We offer 4 bachelor and 2 master students a number of coaching tête-à-tête’s with an expert. The six prize winners will receive a voucher that is good for 3 one-hour conversations. The prize winners are free to conduct these discussions with various experts from the Advisory Committee.


This year’s, one-on-one coaching is offered by the members of the Advisory Committee (CvA) of the Reinwardt Academy. The CvA members would like to help the winners by offering them their knowledge and experience, which proves once again their commitment to the academy.  

The CvA consists of: 

Aart Oxenaar; Director of Architecture, TU Delft   

Annette Gaalman; Project leader digital heritage platform, Heritage Brabant 

Bernadine Ypma; director MEB, Center for family history 

Deirdre Carasso; director Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 

Francio Guadeloupe; assistant professor Anthropology, UVA 

Roy Cremers; founder Voordekunst


All students with a score of 8 or higher for their work are eligible for the graduation prize. The members of the CvA will make the final selection, based on the extent to which students reflect on theory-practice-ethics within their theses. Furthermore, there is special attention for those graduation projects that sufficiently integrate the Reinwardt’s areas of focus: inclusivity, sustainability and technology (or digitality).

Sign up

If your final research is assessed with an 8 or higher, you can sign up by sending your work to by no later than July 13th.  

Please accompany your final research work, with a motivational letter in which you explain why you want to qualify for the graduation award and whom of the CvA members you would like to meet? How would you like to use these tête-à-tête’s? What you would like to learn? 

We look forward to your submissions!