Patrick Abungu

Patrick Abungu


Assessing the Roles and Contributions of Heritage Training Institutions in Community Development in Africa

This thesis examines the role of heritage training institutions in Africa. The study looks at the training institutions as major players in the heritage sector which shapes the heritage landscape on the continent though training of heritage professionals, and facilitating the use of heritage as a recourse for sustainable community development. The study uses Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA) in Mombasa, Kenya, as a case study by looking at its mandate, governance, management, functions, activities and their outcomes over the period the centre has been in existence.

The rolo of Museology as a subject discipline and its influence in het enhancement of outcomes of these training institutions is also examined based on the three pillars of theoretical knowledge, practical issues and ethical considerations. Since it is very difficult to measure impacts of training, activities by CHDA and their results, mainly based on observations and interference, are used as indicators to determine the role the organization had played as a facilitator for sustainable development at different societal levels. The revelance of the organization to heritage landscape development in Africa and recommendations are given for future references.

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