Annegien Canoy

Annegien Canoy


Communication & design

Regional manager marketing & communication Natuurmonumenten.

Relations between people and their environment

I simultaneously started the master study Museology and a new job as project leader at Natuurmonumenten. This combination influenced the way I approached the subject of my thesis.

Natuurmonumenten currently faces the problem of legitimacy and a decreasing membership base2. These two elements are vital to carry out its tasks. In answer to these threats Natuurmonumenten sets for a new
direction. The organisation wants to improve its connection to the community.

As project leader I was responsible for creating a trail in Vorden together with the local population. The main goal for this project was to enhance the basis for Natuurmonumenten, to create visibility and partnership. I chose to use the museological theories and concepts that are based on an integrative approach to heritage and environment. It was my assumption that these theories and ideas would be most helpful to get the required results. With this approach the first ‘community-building’ project was born. The results were

In this thesis I investigated if an integrative museological approach can be used for other kinds of engagement to connect people to their environment and to Natuurmonumenten. Can a museological perspective help Natuurmonumenten to keep a (sustainable) footing in society now and in the

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