Moroccan-Dutch Museum Exchange Programme

As part of the Moroccan-Dutch Museum Exchange Programme, in December the Reinwardt Academy (RWA) will welcome and host eight museum professionals from Morocco an intensive training programme organized by the Heritage Lab in collaboration with DutchCulture, the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency and the Dutch embassy in Morocco. The programme is spearheaded by Ruben Smit and Ikram Zahri (RWA).

Sessions at the Reinwardt Academy will cover audience engagement, museum management and collections management. In addition we will visit the Van Gogh Museum, Tropenmuseum and Cobra Museum.

Our esteemed guests include:

Chaimae Imran, Kasbah museum contemporary art space, Tangier

Majda Amelal, Villa Harris-museum of Tangier

Salma Benouaicha, Dar jamai, national museum of music, Meknes

Hanae Jerjou, Museum of immaterial memory Jamaa lafna Marrakech

Alae Fechtali,Museum of Islamic Arts

Ilyass Moumen, scenographer

Hajar Bekkari, Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures, Tangier

Asmae El Qably, Tetouan Archeology Museum

We met these colleagues in Morocco earlier this year during a working visit to La Fondation Nationale des Musées (the Moroccan equivalent of the Museum Vereniging). To read and see a reflection on this visit please see this blog and for more background on this international cooperation this blog, both from DutchCulture.

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