Public safety

Everyone at the Reinwardt Academy must be able to work and study in a pleasant environment. Security and mutual respect are vital in creating the right conditions for this. To prevent and deal with sexual intimidation, discrimination, aggression or bullying, the Amsterdam University of the Arts has defined a code of conduct. If you encounter any form of undesirable behaviour, you can get in touch with one of the confidential advisers or the Complaints Committee.

When is the line crossed?  
Everyone needs to decide for themselves what is undesirable. You do not have to accept a certain kind of behaviour if you feel it crosses the line. Even if others see no harm in it.

Undesirable behaviour usually does not stop on its own, so you need to take action yourself. Tell the other person you are offended by their behaviour and ask them to stop. Are you not comfortable doing this or does the undesirable behaviour continue even after asking them to stop? Then talk over the problem with another student, colleague or friend. Or speak to one of our confidential advisers.

Confidential adviser
If you encounter any form of undesirable behaviour, you can contact one of the confidential advisers to help resolve the issue. They will never take any action without first discussing it with you and asking for your consent.

Complaints Committee
In consultation with the confidential adviser you might decide to file a formal complaint. The confidential adviser will then help you draw up the complaint and monitor the rest of the procedure. A formal complaint has to meet certain requirements. It must be filed in writing, for instance, within one year after the incident to which it relates. Also, formal complaints cannot be filed anonymously.