Director and management

  • Nel Dijk - Director (Chair management team)
  • Hester Dibbits - Programme Director Master of Museology / Professor of Cultural heritage
  • Renske de Groot - Programme Director Bachelor Cultural heritage
  • Josef Zahri - Head of education support

Advisory committee

The Advisory Committee to the Reinwardt Academy is composed of representatives from the professional field. This committee, upon invitation or of its own accord, advises the Director of the Academy on the programme content and on developments in the professional field. The role of the committee is laid down in a separate set of regulations.


  • Carla van Boxtel - Professor of Didactics, and in particular Historical education at the University of Amsterdam
  • Annette Gaalman, advisor/project leader of Erfgoed Brabant (Brabant heritage), Chair of LCM (National contact of museum cosultants) and advisor of the national steering committee NDE (Network Digital Heritage)
  • Aart Oxenaar - Director of department of Monuments and Archaeology, City of Amsterdam
  • Marco Streefkerk - Senior Consultant at The DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands)
  • Bernadine Ypma - Head of Public and Presentation / Assistant Director of The Utrecht Archives

Lecturers Bachelor


Lecturers Master