Hester Dibbits

Hester Dibbits directs the International Master of Museology and holds a professorship in Cultural Heritage at the Reinwardt Academy. She combines these positions with the chair of endowed professor Historical Culture and Education at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Education (ESHCC: Erasmus University of Rotterdam). The chair is funded by the National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA). Her previous positions were researcher at the Department of Ethnology at the Meertens Institute (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) and interim chief curator at the Netherlands Open Air Museum.

Her aim is to bridge the gap between the academic world and daily practice. The focus lies on a historical-ethnological perspective, with particular attention to heritage and everyday life culture. Dibbits guides MA and PhD research in the field of material culture, heritage, museums and education.

Research Emotion Networks

Hester Dibbits and Marlous Willemsen, director of the Amsterdam heritage institute Imagine IC, developed ‘Emotienetwerken’ (Emotion Networks) together. This is a new method of dealing with heritage. Within the framework of the National Science Agenda (NWA), research on this methodology is financed by more than € 100,000. Read more (Dutch).

Recent publications

  • H. Dibbits, ‘Uit de bubbel’. Erfgoedprofessionals in tijden van polarisatie. In: Boekman Extra 7 (April 2017), 12- 17. Bewerkt verschenen als: H. Dibbits, ‘Out of the bubble. Heritage professionals in times of increasing polarization’ in: V.Dashavantha Reddy a.o., Insights in Global Challenges and Opportunities for the Century Ahead (Hyderabad, 2017) 77-79.
  • H. Dibbits and M. Willemsen, 'Stills of our liquid times. An essay towards collecting today’s intangible cultural heritage.', in Sophie Elpers and Anna Palm eds., Die Musealisierung der Gegenwart.Von Grenzen und Chancen des Sammelns in kulturhistorischen Museen. Bielefeld, Transcript 2014, 177-198.
  • H. Dibbits, De ontwikkeling van een gevoel voor tijd. Erfgoedzorg moet het fenomeen ‘tijd’ voelbaar en zichtbaar maken.’ In: Erfgoed: van wie, voor wie? (The development of a sense of time. The phenomenon ‘time’ should be made visible and tangible by Heritage care’. In: Heritage: of whom, to whom?) Boekman (2013), pp. 74-79.


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