Cultural Heritage Research Group

The Cultural Heritage Research Group of the Reinwardt Academy, is led by Hester Dibbits and Riemer Knoop. It focuses on the formation of theory and development of education, with regard to tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The Master of Museology, the Erfgoedarena (Heritage arena) and structural contact with cooperating partners are important pillars of the Cultural Heritage Research Group.

Heritage engagements: critical applications

People choose commodities from the past to cherish and subsequently share as our heritage due to an ever-changing world. Landscapes, monuments, rituals and works of art, alongside mundane consumer products. In their research Heritage Engagements: Critical Applications (2015-2019) Hester Dibbits and Riemer Knoop do not consider heritage as a given, but dynamic topic. Read the full study.

Objectives cultural heritage research group

  • To reinforce the societal position of heritage institutions.
  • To further develop the heritage education curriculum in both the bachelor’s and master’s programme conform current trends in society and the work field.
  • Strive to further position the academy as a (inter)national centre of knowledge in the area of heritage, in which education, research and cultural entrepreneurship converge and reinforce each other.
  • The main objective of the Cultural Heritage Research Group of the Reinwardt Academy, along with 7 other research groups of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), is to offer students, employees and external colleagues in the work field challenging and innovative possibilities to knowledge development and collaboration.