Cultural Heritage Research Group

The Reinwardt Academy’s Cultural Heritage Research Group investigates dynamic heritage practices and also plays a role in socially engaged forms of dealing with heritage. The lectors are building on, among other things, the work of their predecessor, lector Peter van Mensch

Emotion networking and Street Values
Lectors Hester Dibbits and Riemer Knoop are involved in two main lines of research. In the context of emotion networking Dibbits works on a method to help professionals, school children, students and others to acquire ‘heritage wisdom’ in museums, classrooms, and neighbourhoods as well as on the internet. Within the Street Values project Knoop provides insight into the processes that are active at the intersection of heritage, the design of (public) space, and the living environment.

New knowledge and insights
The Research Group regularly publishes new knowledge and insights and develops educational materials and refresher trainings, while also supporting public and private parties in the Netherlands and abroad in the use of these. This is done by means of – among other things – workshops, lectures and consultation. 

For teachers, students and professionals
The Research Group motivates and inspires teachers, students and the professional field with new results and findings based on ethnographic research, design research, and action research, among others. Both lectors teach in the Dutch bachelor’s degree programme in Cultural Heritage and the international master’s degree programme in Applied Museum & Heritage Studies, support final research projects, organize debates and expert meetings, and channel research findings back to the field of education.


If you wish to know more about the activities, people and possibilities of the Research Group, please contact Hester Dibbits or Riemer Knoop.