Reinwardt Memorial Lecture

Every year the Reinwardt Academy organizes the Reinwardt Memorial Lecture, a lecture in memory of Caspar Reinwardt, for whom the Academy is named. 

The lectures are given by thinkers and practitioners from the Netherlands and abroad who are making significant contributions to the way we think about heritage and heritage institutions. In the past years these have included Linda Malherbe, Salvador Muñoz, Margriet Schavemaker, Marcos Buser, Kavita Singh, and Birgit Donker. 

Caspar Reinwardt
The lectures are named for Caspar Reinwardt (1773-1854), a Prussian-Dutch scientist and administrator, who lent his name to the academy within the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Caspar Reinwardt was awarded honorary doctorates in philosophy and medicine, and he became a professor of Natural History in Leiden as well as the director of various botanical gardens. During his stay in the former Dutch East Indies he assembled sizeable collections which eventually found their ways to numerous museums in the Netherlands.


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