By working together with other organizations the Reinwardt Academy’s researchers are able to connect their work with education and professional practice. Parties involved inspire each other and use each other’s experience, knowledge, and network. The partnerships are extremely diverse with regard to duration and intensity, but also with regard to the role the organizations play. They can be project partner, client, internship provider, patron or sounding board. The summary below provides a representative sample of this diversity. 

The Beach is a laboratory for sustainist design, inspiring and supporting local talent in Amsterdam Osdorp. On the basis of sustainability, fairness and human scale the foundation develops new projects and relations that strengthen communities. The Beach opts for a radically innovative approach in a raw societal reality. They are real pioneers in the field. The Beach was the location for several workshops in the context of Michiel Schwarz’s Artist in Residence-ship and is a regular partner in the Street Values research and the archive workshops.

Imagine IC is an archive, museum, debating centre and heritage platform in Amsterdam. It adds to urban and rural heritage by documenting, presenting and discussing everyday life in cities and neighbourhoods. Imagine IC is dynamic and activist, combining an academic method with a broad public approach. Its intensive and successful collaboration with the Reinwardt Academy includes internships, training and educational and research projects.

The Van Abbe museum in Eindhoven is one of Europe’s leading museums for contemporary art. It possesses a large international collection and poses questions with regard to art and society in an experimental manner, for example about the role of collections as cultural memory. The museum regards themes like inclusion and LGBTQ as primary instead of secondary matters and is reinventing the museum as a concept. There are several partnerships with the Reinwardt Academy, such as Queering the Collection, the Heritage Arenas and the Street Values research.

The Meertens Institute researches and documents Dutch language and culture, focusing on phenomena that shape everyday life in society. This institute is authoritative and inspiring, and of the highest academic calibre, contributing to new theoretical insights. Partly because of its clear vision on immaterial heritage the institute is an important sparring partner for the Reinwardt Academy, among other things providing internships and organizing guest lectures for students. The Meertens Institute and the AHK are also partners within ARIAS.

VISSCH+STAM consider themselves a consultancy boutique. They adhere to a contemporary vision of – and approach to – strategic design, regard creativity as a profession and do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. They are stubborn, extremely inspirational and operating on the basis of participatory thinking. The Research Group delights in being stimulated by new thinking and research, such as that presented by senior partner Jasper Visser in the context of Heritage Arenas and brainstorming sessions for Horizon2020 projects.

Waag technology & society operates on the intersection of art, science, and technology. More than sixty employees encourage active citizenship by developing open, fair and inclusive technologies. They are innovative and very engaged. Waag is introducing new forms of (data) research to the Reinwardt Academy, is involved in electives for students and is working on converting the method of the emotion networks into a digital toolkit.


Do you have any ideas concerning collaboration? Then please contact Hester Dibbits or Riemer Knoop.