Nancy van Asseldonk

Nancy van Asseldonk is an expert in Dutch language and has been working at the Reinwardt Academy since 2007. Before that she worked at the City Archives in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on education and research projects that bring together different disciplines, fields and research methods. Nancy is involved as a lecturer-researcher in the Cultural Heritage research group at the Reinwardt Academy. She worked on the Street Values project (2015-2019) under the direction of Riemer Knoop. Street values was an exploration of new heritage practices in conjunction with new practices of "urbanization". This resulted in the publication There is no then without now (2018), which was the result of a search for different heritage values in two Amsterdam neighborhoods. She is currently a member of the knowledge circle of the lectorate led by Hester Dibbits and she is conducting research into the appreciation and handling of post-war architectural heritage.