Food Heritage Learning Network

Mario Jellema, Reinwardt Academy, has received a Comenius grant for the project Food Heritage Learning Network. With this grant education professionals can put their vision on educational innovation into practice.

The heritage professional of the future will increasingly focus on metropolitan food issues and become involved in social discussions about this. In our training, we want to equip students for this from the first year by directly entering into collaboration with relevant stakeholders. The stakeholders are food professionals, policy makers, producers and consumers. Within a network we work together on increasing, exchanging and creating knowledge on the theme of nutrition, food and heritage.

Social nutrition issues are often approached from a monodisciplinary health or behavioral perspective. There is increasing collaboration within related disciplines, but it is not yet self-evident to use cultural-historical knowledge of food and eating behavior when tackling these issues.

The exchange and application of this knowledge will take place in an authentic learning and working environment. This makes it possible for the future heritage professional to realize an impact on social nutrition issues. The heritage student learns network-based collaboration in an authentic situation. In this way we empower the heritage student to grow into a serious partner in designing innovations or solutions. The continuous exchange of acquired knowledge will result in a better investigative attitude and a stronger critical capacity on the part of both the student and the stakeholders. The intended result is to develop an educational prototype and, after evaluation, embed it in a continuous learning path, the investigative capacity and network-based.



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