The sacred in musealised synagogue space. Representations of Jewish religious life in the Amsterdam Jewish Cultural Quarter

Paul Ariese‚Äôs doctoral research at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture) focuses on the question of what religious meanings, sensations and experiences are evoked in people today by the Portuguese Synagogue (both a heritage site and place of worship) and the Great Synagogue (since 1987 the Jewish Historical Museum). The research explores how Sephardic and Ashkenazi communities, heritage professionals and museum audiences interpret, shape and use these spaces. The study provides insight into the interaction between religion and heritage, paving a path to reposition Jewish religious heritage in the increasingly secular and pluriform Dutch society. The research is supervised by Prof. Emile Schrijver (UvA/JCK) and Prof. Hester Dibbits (EUR/Reinwardt Academy). 

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