Message in response to the press conference of January 12th 2021

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Dear students and staff of the Reinwardt Academy,

The COVID restrictions imposed last Tuesday January 12, have no consequences for the Reinwardt Academy. The implications will remain as follows:

- During the lockdown period there will be no classes at the Reinwardt Academy.

- All discussions, meetings, and other gatherings will take place online.

- Students who do not have the opportunity to study at home, can have limited access to the Reinwardt Academy for private study.

- The library has restricted opening.

- Staff who can work from home, will do so.

- Staff who cannot work from home, are allowed to come to the academy. Their work is included in the so-called essential services for which travel is accepted.

Students and staff who come to the academy, will have to register in advance at the OSL, via

Also, the other regulations in the Covid protocol remain in force.

Do you have any questions? Do pose them to your senior (for staff) or to programme managers Joke Bosch, Simone Stoltz (for bachelor students) or Menno Welling (for master students).

Stay strong and healthy!

Kind regards,

Nel van Dijk