Successful seminar in Bogota by Knoop

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In late November, Riemer Knoop had a working visit to the private Universidad Externado in Bogota, Colombia. He had been invited here to conclude the first experimental semester of a new postgraduate Museology. Knoop did this in form of several lectures during a seminar of five half-day sessions. William Gamboa (alumnus of our Master programme) is course director.

The themes Knoop selected came from the current lectureship programme:
Street values, Forgotten and Participative museums. The seminar on campus was visited by a varying group of approximately ten to thirty students and lecturers. However, several thousand interested persons followed the integral Facebook livestream version. Knoop gave three lectures on the topical research Street values, the international workshop experience in the field of participative museums, and the bachelor thesis project Forgotten.

Colombian colleagues and students consider the Reinwardt Academy as an international summit with a sharp, relevant profile. The multi-colored (master)community of the academy is a textbook example of a diverse and yet integrated, interrelated community, which responds openly and critically to society.
Knoop: “Inversely, we can learn the mix of attitudes and engagement regarding actual social issues in a post-conflict society which vastly exceeds our, or at least my, imagination”.

You can view the Facebook livestreams here: Facebookpage Facultad de Estudios del Patrimonio Cultural