Students present results project Pilgrim Museum

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On Friday 26 March, the students of the master's programme Applied Museum & Heritage Studies presented the results of the project they had recently carried out on behalf of the Leiden Pilgrim Museum.

They were asked to think about the future of the museum: Whose and what stories should be told in the museum? How can the museum collect and preserve them? How do they present an inclusive and relevant narrative? Sarah Moine, researcher and curator at the museum, accepted the ideas on behalf of the organisation.

Despite the fact that the students had largely received the same information beforehand, the final results were completely different: "Their work was trying to focus on what the museum could want or could need and all of them proposed ideas that showed a different approach". The students were not afraid to point out what was missing or could be improved, both in the museum and in their own process.

Sarah indicates that it is inspiring for the museum to find out the students' ideas, but it also yields something else: "One presentation was related to the inventory which is something we need urgently, the plan the students came up with was something I was already thinking we should do. This is another push in that direction."