Reinwardt Memorial lecture

Thursday 7 March 2019, 20:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Reinwardt Academie
Hortusplantsoen 2
1018 TZ Amsterdam


Reinwardt Memorial lecture 2019
Aishwarya Tipni: 
Sustainist heritage begins at home 'The Haveli Project, Old Delhi'.

The Haveli Project is the story of a regular family living in a 19th century heritage house (haveli) in the historic old city Delhi. From a regular renovation job it turned into an award-winning example of heritage conservation and community place-making, combining out of the box approaches and street-smart innovation. Indian architect and restoration planner Aishwarya Tipnis tells her inspiring story of restoration, from the revival of traditional building crafts and heritage awareness in the community to the use of social media to create a ‘common man’s guide’ to heritage conservation. In her lecture she will present this pioneering project within a ‘sustainist’ perspective on civic heritage, connecting it to Reinwardt Academy’s research programme on ‘Street Values’.

The Haveli Project (2010-2016) has been an inspiration for adaptive reuse of many other havelis in old Delhi. It has featured in both Indian and International media as a unique initiative, and led to the publication, for the use of owners and users, of a Handbook for Conservation of Heritage Buildings in Shahjahanabad. The project is seen as an exemplar of how conservation can become a process of civic engagement, and can help change everyday spaces, giving local inhabitants a better quality of life.