Research internship

Please note that the Reinwardt Academy does not offer a master’s programme in 2019-2020. A new government-sponsored programme is currently being developed for 2020-2021.

The website has not yet been updated with information about the new programme but it does give you an idea of things to come. The programme information will be updated as soon as possible.


In the final semester of the programme, you are to conduct a research internship at a museum or heritage institution of choice. This can be in the Netherlands or elsewhere in accordance with a pre-approved proposal. You can choose an internship at one of our partners on a set topic or independently develop your own ideas and research questions at another organization.

During the internship you will conduct the research needed for your final product and operate as a professional within the framework of the internship providing institution. You can thus apply and sharpen your professional skills in a learning environment.

The final product of the internship can be an academic thesis, an exhibition proposal, a policy document or a creative work. We encourage our students to produce something with practical value, based on sound research and ethical reflection.

Internship institutions

Our master's students have conducted internships at these institutions.