• Faro Herfstschool
    Together with FARO Belgium, the Heritage Lab organised an autumn school for museum professionals about polyphonic spaces and conflict. Read more about this sold-out event here and to keep in touch with us so that you can be among the first to learn about any follow-up event.
  • SIEF
    The Reinwardt Academy, the Museums and Material Culture working group (SIEF) and ICOM’s International Committee for Collecting (COMCOL) organised a digital conference on the impact of Covid-19 on the daily life of researchers and museum professionals. This international exchange took place on 8 and 9 October, and we hope to share a digital publication with you soon.

Would you like us to send you a copy? Let us know via

Heritage Labs

In collaboration with the Network Digital Heritage (NDE), we are organising a series of working groups and webinars that discuss different issues relating to digitality and heritage. The first one will start in January 2021 and will focus on decolonising thesauri and terminologies. We are still developing this series, but if you are interested in taking part in the working group or attending the final webinar. Let us know via

Course collection management

Twice a year, we plan to offer a course on collection management. It will be based on our minor Collection Management but can be widely applied. During the course, you will get a refreshed view of all the basics, including transportation, conservation and durable information structures. The course revolves around ameliorating standard practice and providing a new perspective by using theoretical tools. All of this is part of a setting that offers feedback from colleagues and inspiring examples that are attainable for any museum at any level.

We will also offer practical tips and tricks for sustainability, such as achievable ways to decrease your carbon footprint.

The first course starts in early 2021.
Contact us via if you would like to know when registration opens.

Summerschool Archival studies

Together with the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and KVAN/BRAIN, we are developing a training course for professionals who work on and with archives. This is all still very new, but if you would like us to send you an update when we have more to share, contact us via

Emotion networking

Emotion networking is a method that enables critical thinking by professionals, students and others about heritage in the museum, classroom, on the street or online. Heritage thinking is an understanding that heritage becomes relevant only through negotiation and that the relationships are not static. This method was developed by Hester Dibbits and Marlous Willemsen and is part of several national and international research projects.

  • Training
    Professionals, policymakers and educators often find it difficult to explain the complex dynamics of heritage processes. To address this need, the Heritage Lab organises training sessions, workshops and seminars in collaboration with Imagine IC. During these sessions, we map emotion networks based on actual heritage case studies. Afterwards, participants are more conscious of the historic dynamics that are part of heritage processes and of their own role in that creation.

    Every heritage question demands a different answer. That is why we tailor our sessions so that the question can be addressed in the right way. A workshop consists of an introduction and a mindmap followed by a discussion. Each workshop lasts for 3 hours. Do you have specific needs for a workshop you are organising? We would love to help you.
  • Seminar emotion networking
    Twice a year, we organise an emotion networking seminar. Participants learn about research into emotion networking, the projects that currently use emotion networking as a methodology and other exciting developments. They are also taught how to use emotion networking in their own practice and how to guide such sessions.

Please contact us at for more information on the trainings and/or the seminar.


Most of what we offer is online or takes place at the Reinwardt Academy, but we enjoy coming to you too. If you share your dilemma with us, we’ll create a unique course that answers your questions. We can bring together specialists who will update your knowledge or we can keep things broad and connect different fields of knowledge. It is also possible to mix and match with our existing program, such as running a training session on storytelling combined with a workshop on emotion networking. Get in touch via if you would like to chat, as we are always happy to collaborate.