Nancy van Asseldonk is an expert in Dutch studies and has worked at the Reinwardt Academy since 2007. Before that, she worked at the Amsterdam City Archives. Her work focuses on teaching and research projects in which different disciplines, domains and research methods come together.

As study leader of the bachelor Cultural Heritage (2009-2015), she has given substance to the broadening of the curriculum. First through the development of archiving education at the academy, later with courses on heritage in the spatial realm. From 2015 to 2017, Nancy coordinated the Heritage Lab, part of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network.

She also organized the Week of the Empty Building in 2015, an annual educational project in which students, teachers and field experts from various disciplines work on innovative strategies for vacancy. As of 2018, she is entered as chair of its eponymous foundation.

Nancy is a lecturer-researcher involved in the research group cultural heritage at the Reinwardt Academy. Among other things, she worked on the Street Values project (2015-2019), conducted by Riemer Knoop. Street values was an exploration of new heritage practices in connection with new practices of 'city making'. This resulted in the publication Er is geen toen zonder nu (2018) (2018), which was the result of a search for different heritage values in two Amsterdam neighborhoods. She is currently a member of the research group of the lectorate, led by Hester Dibbits, and conducts research into the valuation of and dealing with post-war building heritage.