Open call for students from all AHK-academies: to work, create and exhibit together at 'Schietbaan'

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Doorschieten is the tension between the moment a plant has sprouted and is about to bloom. The raw energy at which a stem is growing and growing and growing in all the right and wrong directions. Completely out of control going towards that sweet moment of bloom.

We are looking for students from all AHK-academies that are excited to work together with students from all art disciplines. This will provide you with an opportunity to work and create together. You will exhibit your work with the other students in one space in the 'Schietbaan'. This a former shooting range at het Marineterrein.

The goal of this project is to bring the academies together and exhibit a co-created project, this can result in separate artworks inspired by each other or created with each other.

For inquiries mail or fill in the form.